OMNIAlog Datalogger

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Product Category: Readout units and dataloggers

OMNIAlog Datalogger

Reference products codes: OMNIA, OMNIALOG, OMNIACAB, OMN24MUX, OMX



The OMNIAlog has been designed “in house” by Sisgeo and is the result of over 25 years experience using different datalogger in geotechnical field.

OMNIAlog is a versatile, cost effective and low powered datalogger supporting vibrating wire and all major geotechnical sensors.

OMNIAlog has a Web & FTP server on board, 8 analog channels, expandable to 392 channels and 2 digital opto-isolated input ports. It can be managed by any Internet browser and also includes a 2GB USB pen drive support.


  • Tunnelling
  • Dam surveillance
  • Structural monitoring
  • Mining exploration
  • Deep excavation
  • Landslide safety implementation
  • Retaining walls
  • Geotechnical investigation campaign


  • No software required
  • LAN Ethernet, USB and RS232 Comm ports
  • High performances over all working temperature range
    (-30°C +70°C)
  • 2GB internal memory
  • Stand alone or part of network
  • Vibrating wire built-in interface
  • Digital sensors support
  • Compatible with all major geotechnical sensors