Vibrating Wire piezometers

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Product Category: Piezometers
Reference products codes: PK45S, PK45A, PK45H, PK20A, PK20S

Vibrating wire piezometers are used to monitor pore-water pressure in soils. They are typically sealed in boreholes but can also be embedded in fills, or suspended in a well.

Typical applications include evaluating slope stability, dewatering and drainage schemes, overpressure in silt and clay soils, permeability and hydraulic gradients in dams, and also ground water levels. They can also be used to monitor up-lift pressures in gravity dams.


• Dams and fill embankments

• Measurement of ground water

• Dewatering activities

• Landslides monitoring

• Natural or cut slope sites

• Monitoring of up-lift pressure 





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• Long-term stability

• Cable length does not affect reading

• Long working life and reliability

• Built-in surge protection (overvoltage)

• Built-in temperature sensor

• Hermetically sealed