Titanium piezometers

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Product Category: Piezometers
Reference products codes: P235TI



Piezo-resistive titanium piezometers are designed to operate in corrosive environments, such as salt water, tailings, and landfills.

Resistance to corrosion is provided by a titanium body, ceramic diaphragm, polyethelene or ceramic filter, and acid-resistant signal cable.

The robust 4-20mA output is compatible with most readouts (as CRD-400) and data loggers and is suitable for dynamic readings.


• Monitoring pore-water pressure under landfills

• Monitoring where brackish water or salt water is present

• Monitoring nuclear waste repositories

• Monitoring pore pressures in tailings


• Corrosion-proof up to pH=1

• High accuracy and stability

• Compatible with most readouts and data loggers

• Built-in thermistor (on request)

• Suitable for dynamic measurements