Removable pressure transducers

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Product Category: Piezometers
Reference products codes: PK45C, P252C



The removable pressure transducer is designed to measure pore-water pressure through a special Casagrande filter tip.

This unique design is especially suitable for long-term monitoring since it allows the instrument to be withdrawn for calibration checks.

The removable pressure transducer can be supplied with either vibrating wire or piezo-resistive technology.


• Long term monitoring

• Suitable in lightning-prone areas (since it can be replaced)

• Dams and fill embankments

• Measurement of ground pore pressure

• Landslides monitoring

• Natural or cut slope sites


• Removable for further calibration and check

• Cable length does not affect reading

• Built-in surge protection and temperature sensor (vibrating wire only)

• If removed, Casagrande piezometer continue to works with manual water level indicator