Piezo-Resistive piezometers

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Product Category: Piezometers
Reference products codes: P235S



Piezo-resistive piezometers, also called semiconductor piezometers or strain gauge piezometers, are very accurate pressure transducers suitable for high frequency readings and short term applications.

Their robust 4-20mA output signals are easy to read and automate with OMNIAlog and suitable for long-distance transmissions. 

They can be connected to seismic dataloggers for monitoring rapid changes in pore-water pressure such as those produced by earthquakes.


• Pore pressure in deep excavations

• Dynamic pore pressure monitoring

• Dewatering activities

• Hydraulic gradients in natural or cut slope


• High accuracy and stability

• Compatible with most readout/logger in the market

• Built-in thermistor (on request)

• Capable of reading negative pressures