Casagrande and standpipe piezometers

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Product Category: Piezometers
Reference products codes: P101, P112, P112A, TCH, TFH



Casagrande filter unit is used to measure the water pressure in permeable soil. Filter unit is made in syntherised high density polyethylene. It is available in different models to suite all the customer applications. Filter units have threaded cap joint with two 0.5″ twin tubes or with a 1.5″ single tube. Casagrande piezometers can be read manually with water level meter or automatically with transducer (removable transducer, vented pressure transducer, vibrating wire piezometer) connected to OMNIAlog datalogger.

Standpipe piezometers are used to monitor the ground water table. The standpipe filter unit consists of a slotted tube covered by geotechnical fabric for filtered water entry. Standpipe piezometers are mosly read manually with water level meter, but also automatic readings are allowed with vented pressure transducer or vibrating wire piezometer connected to OMNIAlog datalogger.









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