Horizontal In Place Inclinometers

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Product Category: Inclinometers and Tiltmeters
Reference products codes: S441


MEMS Horizontal IPI gauge consists of a stainless steel and thermoplastic resin assembly with one fixed wheel (close to the joint) and one spring loaded wheel.

IPI string is composed by a chain of IPI gauges with carbon fiber extension rods and a terminal wheels assembly. A string of horizontal IPIs is usually installed inside inclinometer casing buried within trenches, foundations or horizontal drill hole for automatic monitoring of settlement or heave.

Main features are:

• Removable and modular system for multiple installation

• High resolution and accuracy

• Available in both digital model (RS485 - Modbus protocol) and analogue version (4-20 mA output)

• Automatic monitoring with OMNIAlog datalogger

Horizontal in-place inclinometers are compatible with all Sisgeo's inclinometer casings: standard, Flush and Quick Joint.