WMS - Data Management
Web Monitoring System (WMS) that has developed by Field srl., one of our partners, is a Software Platform used to validate, process, convert, manage, and automatically view dynamic, geotechnical/structural, and hydraulic monitoring data for automatic, semiautomatic, and manual monitoring systems. The WMS adapts to the specific necessities of every customer in order to fit the requirements and specifications of every project.
this system is able to acquire, memorize, and automatically archive electronic data from various instruments. The instruments' electronic signals are acquired by a Data Acquisition Unit, and are then sent to a central server by way of F/O, LAN, GPRS, Radio, and Satellite connections. The server then validates and processes the data, adding it to its SQL database. The data undergoes a first automatic validation to eliminate any spikes and/or anomalous readings; it then is automatically converted into the appropriate technical units. Thus, the system is completely automated and allows for up-to-date data to be obtained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.