Data Collection

After  Design and correct Installation, the most important aspect of monitoring instrumentation is Data collection,which is essential to the application of any monitoring project, specially during the construction phase which is the most sensitive part and are usually performed with portable dataloggers; and since it involves human operators and also at this phase many factors can effect reading of instruments it is critical in order to have reliable data ,that they should have proper training and experience in the use of the datalogger which should be from the manufacturer brand of the installed instruments.Also during the operation phase the Data collection is usually performed by and Automatic Data Collection System (ADAS).
SADAFZAR Company with the collective experience of Data collection in 50 projects in assorted heavy structures has developed an excellent  program to insure the reliability of the data collected from site during the construction phase and also the operation of the structure and currently has a professional crew of 30no. engineers to provide services worldwide.