About Us

 Company Profile:
Sadafzar co. was founded in 1994 with the goal of providing specialized engineering services of Design, Supply, Installation, Data collection, Processing & Interpolation of Geotechnical monitoring Instrumentation and thus became the sole representative of Sisgeo co. of Italy one of the leading manufacturer of Geotechnical monitoring Instrumentation in the world . In 2002 with the purpose of expansion and diversification in the field of hydraulic structures Sadafzar services also included Design, Supply and Installation, in the field of waterproofing hydraulic structures with Geomembrane materials.



Company Policy:
Sadafzar company based on work ethics and professionalism and for the purpose of providing the best possible service to its clients has committed itself to the following :
- Client Satisfaction
- Constant improvement in the quality of service
- Commitment to Professionalism and business ethics
- Development & improvement of technical knowledge
- Training & development of skilled technical personnel


Fields of Activities:
Sadafzar co. is able to provide the following services in both Geotechnical Monitoring Instrumentation and Waterproofing of Hydraulic Structures with Geomembrane materials:

A – Geotechnical Monitoring Instrumentation services Design Supply, Installation Data processing & Analysis Training Maintenance

B- Geomembrane services Sadafzar co. with the cooperation of Sembenelli consulting engineers is able to provide the following engineering services with regards to Geomembrane materials: Design, Supply and Installation of waterproofing systems with Geomembrane for Hydraulic Tunnels, Dams & Reservoirs. Repair & Rehabilitation of Hydraulic Tunnels , Dams and Reservoirs with Geomembrane materials. Design and Installation of Geomembrane waterproofing system under water in Concrete or RCC Dams.