Our Partners

SISGEO was founded in 1993 inheriting the abilities of “SIS Geotecnica”, leading company in Italy in the geotechnical field. Over the years, SISGEO has distinguished itself among the international excellences thanks to a tight and highly motivated working group, who devoted itself with passion and creativity to design and manufacture high quality instruments to meet the broader needs in the field of civil engineering. Experience is the solid foundation from which we start every day to develop our products and services with a constant focus on continuous innovation and attention to the sector’s future needs. Over the years, SISGEO has become a recognized brand for quality, reliability and innovation.

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FIELD is a Service Company for the Geotechnical, Civil and Structural Engineering, specialized in providing equipment,
tests, measurement and monitoring systems

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NHAZCA (Natural HAZards Control and Assessment) is a Spin-off Company of “Sapienza" University of Rome, international leader in the analysis and monitoring of natural hazards and large infrastructures for the management and mitigation of risks.  NHAZCA provides specialized consultancies in the geological, geotechnical and civil engineering fields through innovative remote sensing techniques, developed also through the collaboration with CERI (Research Centre of “Sapienza" University of Rome), IMG S.r.l. (promoting partner) and prestigious entities such as the European Space Agency (ESA). NHAZCA represents a reference partner for entities and companies in charge of land and urban planning, civil protection, oil & gas, mining, large infrastructures and conservation of the architectural and monumental heritage. Thanks to the high technical and scientific expertise of NHAZCA staff and to the support of excellent scientific and commercial partners, NHAZCA organizes highly professionalizing courses, both at national and international level, with the aim to provide to end-users the necessary background about the recent innovations in the field of geotechnical and structural monitoring and in the analysis of natural hazards for risk mitigation purposes. 


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